The Natural Beauty of Medan Tourist Attractions

Medan, there are a lot of tourists come visiting this city with many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is to explore more about Medan tourist attractions. Like the other big city in Indonesia, Medan also has so many places that can attract tourists to visit in every year. There, you can see a diversity of local people which are from different ethnic, like Chinese, Tamil, and Batak; they call Medan as a home. Some people may think that Medan only has great local food tastes since there are many places that focus around the foods. However, Medan is not as simple as that, it gives you more than just the sights from food stalls, food courts, restaurants, and any other food places. This city also has a strong beauty of nature sightseeing. Even though this city may be considered as an under-developed places for tourism, but it is precisely as the biggest reason why you should list this city in your next vacation destination list. This city has something that is still not explored and how great it is when you can explore it more?

If you are still confused what Medan tourist attractions points that you should go, then these lists may help you.

  • Lake Toba. This is the most popular destination places in Medan. It was built from supervolcano eruption in more than 70.000 years ago. It created a massive lake which has an amazing size; twice larger than Singapore! With that characerisic, it is not a surprise if people said this place is the top vacation destination for many tourists around the world. To reach the place, you may need 5 hours driving from the main airport in Medan. It offers a beautiful view with blue clear water which stretches beautifully. If you want to have more excellent view, then you have to watch the sunset in the side of the lake. It may be the right option to close your journey for the whole day.
  • Samosir Island. Make sure that you have a time to visit this place. It is located in the middle of Lake Toba. There you should take the ferry to reach the island. That island is occupied by Batak people ethnic. Also, there are still kingdom remnants of Toba Batak in Ambarita Village and Tomok Village.
  • Berastagi Highland. This place is a favorite destination place for Medanese. It is a village that is far away from the main city which produces high amount of vegetables and fruits. You will be able to see the real natural beauty combining with local people culture. Berastagi also has a great sightseeing of Mount Sinabung and Mount Sibayak. The view is really stunning and you can enjoy the fresh air in this village.

There are still so many excellent Medan tourist attractions that you can find in this city. Each of them has their own uniqueness and interesting points which will make you feel pleasure to come there. This city may be more beautiful if you can visit there with your family or friends and take a beautiful photograph there.

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